Sale of a company for the production and sale of consumables for office equipment

Operating enterprise

Sale of 100% of shares.

Price: 1 170 000 €
Country: Czech republic

The company was founded in January 1991, since May 1992, it exists in its current legal form and Comp of the current name in, COMP's SPOL s. r.o.

Since its inception, the company has focused on the production and sale of consumables for office and computer equipment. Initially, it was mainly the renovation of the dye tape for printers and typewriters, after which their primary production. The main marketing strategy was based on the presentation of the company at the most important exhibitions of that time and attention on the wholesale clientele. The largest investment during this period was the purchase in 1996 of the complete technology from, at that time almost the only major manufacturer in Central Europe, GAMEX. Thanks to this investment, the company has become one of the leading European manufacturers of dyeing tapes.

Taking into account the growth of the company's production, the next key investment was implemented in 1998 – the purchase of the territory and production facilities in the city. Smržovka, where the company is still located. This made it possible to gradually start the production of toners and ink cartridges, which in recent years have become the basis of the program. At that time, the company gradually began to put up for sale along with its own products and imported products.

The continued development of the company is associated with an increase in the number of corporate clients and small wholesale, which was carried out primarily through Internet sales.

After a period of gradual modernization and improvement of technical, technological, but also organizational equipment, the company reached the point from which it became possible to sell products through successful participation in tenders of government and state institutions. Gradually, a lot of experience was gained with this form of sales, and the company became one of the most successful bidders in tenders announced in accordance with the Law on Public Procurement.

As a result of all these measures aimed at further developing the company's sales and it became necessary to invest in the expansion of production areas and partly technologies, both in production and especially in storage. Because at that time, it was an opportunity to use European subsidies from the Operational Program of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, several projects were prepared for co-financing with subsidies from European funds, they and the following projects were implemented in the period 2009-2012 through additional investments, which was an important milestone in the history of the company. Due to the reconstruction of existing premises and the construction of new ones, production and storage facilities were doubled and laid the foundation for the possibility of further development of the company. Last year, significant funds were invested in the development of e-commerce in all aspects, especially in the field of marketing and optimization, all of them aimed at using the potential of Internet sales.

Currently, the owner of the company has decided to strengthen the capital of the company by selling part or all of the company to a strong investor and continue to develop the company and increase turnover. On the other hand, the company can provide a strong foreign investor with easy penetration into the Czech market.

The company currently has 24 employees and a turnover of 54 mil in 2016. CZK.

Further development opportunities depend on how and how strong the investor's company is. Currently, the company is developing further, so far without an investor, in all three directions. First, the strengthening of sales via the Internet, in which the company already has many years of experience and is currently planning to invest in Internet marketing and optimization of our e-commerce, as well as strengthening sales of the wholesale sector. The greatest development is still taking place in the segment of state orders, where the company really has a wealth of experience and, as a result. many contracts for the delivery of the next period.
The new owner can use the company's know-how primarily to enter the Czech or European market, as in our industry, and possibly in other areas where market knowledge can be an important variable. For example, experience in procurement can greatly simplify the supply of any goods to the public sector.

If you are interested in further growth in our industry, we can recommend further acquisitions. We know that it would be profitable to acquire, but so far, without a co-investor, we are not doing this. There are a lot of such areas of development, and everything will depend on the ideas of the new owner.

Price: 1 170 000, – euro for 100% of shares.

It is also possible to negotiate the sale of less than 100% of the shares. The price would then be the result of negotiations.