Sale of a Czech operating medium-sized construction and production company with assets of EUR 2.5 million and references since 1991.

Operating enterprise

Sale 100% for s.r.o. (analogue of o.o.o.).


Price: 1 600 000 €

Direct sale by owners, without intermediaries!
Website of the company for sale: – in Czech, English and German.

The main characteristics of the company

  • Year of foundation: 1991
  • Owners: B2G GmbH, Cologne, Germany – 75%; 25% – individual
  • Share capital: 100 000,- CZK


  • Housing and civil construction since 1991
  • Production of aluminum windows, doors, facades and glass walls since 2007

Highest turnover: CZK 300,000,000 in 2007 (e.g. EUR 12 million).
Current number of employees: 37 main + 20 freelance

Location: right on the border with Poland (2 km)

  • Head office – Krnov, Silesia, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic
  • Production of windows, doors, glass facades – Albrechtice, 13 km from Krnová, Silesia, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic

Housing and civil construction

The company Ekotempo s.r.o. was founded 27 years ago by 2 professional civil engineers and a doctor of law.

Over the years of its existence, Ekotempo has established itself as a strong medium-sized Czech construction company with a stable core of professionals, which consists of civil engineers, technicians, designers and managers with extensive experience in the implementation of housing and civil construction projects in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

In the period from 1991 to 1995, the company was mainly engaged in the construction and reconstruction of buildings and facilities for banks (Komerční banka, a. S, Union Bank, Česká spořitelna)

From 1996 to the present, the main place in the portfolio of realized orders is occupied by the construction of new supermarkets, shopping and logistics centers, as well as their reconstruction. The main customer is the international retail chain Billa (German Rewe Group), for which Ekotempo has built or reconstructed more than 150 supermarkets and facilities, including central supermarkets in Prague, Bratislava, as well as in such large cities as Brno, Ostrava, Olomouc and others. Some references:

In addition to the construction and reconstruction of supermarkets, Ekotempo also has extensive experience in the construction of administrative, commercial and residential buildings as a general contractor. To a lesser extent, industrial facilities. For example, among the company's references are built and reconstructed hotels, Shell gas stations, a kindergarten, a school, objects built by order of the administration of some cities and large developers.

A significant share of references is also occupied by subcontracting works on fairly large objects of housing and civil construction and, in particular, construction and installation using aluminum structures, as well as glass facades.

Reconstruction of buildings and objects

Ekotempo is actively engaged in the reconstruction of buildings, taking into account the preservation of their historical value and original architecture. Customers in this area include city administrations, the Catholic Church, private companies and individuals.

The main types of construction and production activities

  • construction and reconstruction of supermarkets and shopping centers;
  • construction of civil, residential and industrial buildings;
  • reconstruction of buildings, including the use of certified insulation systems;
  • Object modules and add-ins
  • manufacture and installation of aluminum glass facades;
  • production and installation of windows and doors of HEROAL and YAWAL systems;
  • production and supply of fire-fighting closures;
  • engineering and construction works from obtaining a building permit, to putting the facilities into operation, including the provision of all necessary documents.


The company has CERTIFICATES of quality management ISO 9001, environmental management ISO 14001, as well as health and safety management systems certification OHSAS 18001, which is consistently applied to all implemented objects and in upcoming construction projects.

Head office of Ekotempo spol. s r.o.

The administrative two-storey building with a total area of 612 m2 was built in 1994, and in 2010-2014 its extensive reconstruction was carried out: reconstruction, new windows, adjustment of external and internal surfaces, vertical and horizontal structures, change in the location of internal premises, facade thermal insulation, central heating, water supply, roof structure, floors, electrical wiring, air conditioning, etc.

The current condition of the administrative building is very good.

In the building there is a secretariat and an office of the general director, a meeting room, offices of the heads of individual divisions, an estimate and design bureau, an accounting department, an archive, utility rooms.

In a separate wing: carpentry workshop, rooms with servers, archive of construction and technical documentation, utility rooms.

Area of own land plot: 773 m2. Own parking.

The administrative building is located 2 km from the center of Krnov, near the railway station – 500 meters and a bus stop – 170 m. Nearby there are residential and commercial facilities, post office, court, tax inspectorate.


The city of Krnov, (formerly Prussia – in German Jägerndorf), is located 22 km northwest of the city of Opava and 18 km north of the city of Bruntál, right on the border with Poland.

Population: 25 000 Inhabitants

  • Prague – 297 km
  • Ostrava – 50 km
  • Görlitz, Germany – 306 km (via Poland)

Production of aluminium windows and doors

The production of aluminum windows and doors of the company Ekotempo is located in its own modern administrative and production facility built by the company in 2007.

The facility consists of a two-storey administrative building, a production workshop, a warehouse of materials and components, a warehouse of finished products.

  • Total area of buildings: 1570 m2, volume 6 248,31 m3
  • Own land area: 1 967 m2

Office building

  • Office space: 158 m2

Production hall

  • Workshop area: 677 m2

Warehouse of materials and components

  • Warehouse area: 156 m2

Products: aluminum windows, doors_ of glass facades, glass walls and partitions.

  • Main equipment: Elumatec line.
  • Production system: HEROAL and YAWAL

Production has all the necessary certification.

The products of the production are of high quality, competitive prices and exceptional longevity, but also belong to a fairly high price category, compared to plastic and wooden windows and doors.
The production is located in Město Albrechtice, 13 km from the head office of Ekotempo in Krnov.

Warehouse of building materials

The warehouse is a 3-minute walk from the main administrative building of the company.

The warehouse is a closed hangar with an area of 306.00 m2 with a storekeeper's office, an open warehouse for building materials that can be located in the open air, an area for parking construction equipment and cabins. Good access communication.

Warehouse plot area: 9 693 m2

The warehouse was put into operation in 1994.

In 2010 – 2014, reconstruction was carried out.

The warehouse is in satisfactory condition.

Transport and construction machinery

The company's transport fleet includes both trucks and passenger cars, low-tonnage and passenger cars. In total, the company owns 25 units of cars and construction equipment. Basically, it was bought in the middle of 2000 years and in 2012-2016.

Economic characteristics of the company Ekotempo

Since the beginning of its existence, the company has had a stable trend of expansion and turnover growth. The largest turnover was achieved in 2007 – 300 million kroons (13 million USD).

Due to the impact of the global economic crisis of 2008-2013, and then the crisis in the local construction market of the Czech Republic in 2012-2016, investments in Czech development and construction projects fell sharply, which negatively affected the turnover of Ekotempo, the dynamics of which largely repeated the curve of the index of the Czech construction sector in the graph below (compiled on the basis of data from the Czech Statistical Office).


Blue is a valid index of construction products. Red is the expectations of construction companies.

Thus, the turnover of Ekotempo in 2007 amounted to 300 million crowns, and in 2008-2009 fell under the mark of 150 million kroons, and then below 100 million In 2015, it slightly exceeded the hundred millionth border – 102.3 million Czech crowns, and in 2017 it was the lowest in the history of the company – 61.3 million kroons and for the first time in its entire existence, Ekotempo ended the year with a slight loss.

At the end of 2017, new owners and specialists of crisis management came to the company with the help of which it was possible to completely stabilize the company's activities, all debts on loans from banks and to suppliers were repaid. Currently, the firm has no overdue debts.

Since the beginning of 2018, the company has reached a stable volume of orders and the turnover this year is planned to be about 100 million CZK. (€4 million)

The key customers are currently Billa Czech Republic (REWE GROUP – Germany) – construction and reconstruction of supermarkets and Shell – reconstruction of markets at gas stations.

Currently, due to the construction boom in the Czech Republic, the company has many requests for the execution of construction orders, but does not have the opportunity to fulfill them due to the acute shortage of builders in the labor market in the Czech Republic.

Prospects of the company's activities after the transaction

Currently, the core of the company's specialists consists of engineers, technicians, builders, foremen, some of whom have been working in the company for more than 10-15 years. The CEO is a professional Czech civil engineer (59 years old), who founded Ekotempo in 1991. All specialists are ready to continue their work even after the transaction and the change of ownership.

Due to the fact that the economic and economic situation of the company is stable, and the market in the Czech Republic is experiencing a real construction boom after several years of crisis, it is possible to actively replenish the staff of builders and reach the pre-crisis turnover of 2006-2008. To increase the staff of builders and specialists, it is possible to use the resource of the Polish market and attract Ukrainian citizens with work visas to work. (Poland is 2 km from Krnowa)

Format and price of the transaction

  • The subject of the sale is a 100% stake in s.r.o. – Analogue of O.O.O.
  • Sellers are: German legal entity – 75% and individual – 25%.
  • Accounting, documentation, archives, etc. in the company are in perfect order, which guarantees the transparency of the transaction.
  • The legal purity of the transaction is guaranteed.

Price: 1 600 000 EURO

More information will be provided upon written request to: 

Website of the company for sale: – in Czech, English and German.