Sale of a small factory for the production of wooden buildings and structures for private housing construction.

Operating enterprise

Sale of 100% stake in s.o.o..


Price: 1 000 €
Country: Czech republic

DEFITA s.r.o. was founded in 1998 without the participation of foreign capital.

At first, she was engaged only in sawing logs, producing parquet friezes for the manufacture of floating floors for the company Magnum Parquet, a.s. Vyshkov and entrepreneurial activity.

Over time, DEFITA s.r.o. has developed into a wider range of production, trade and services. Based on cooperation with a foreign company for the production of sets for playgrounds, in 2004 the company began to develop and certify its own line of sets for playgrounds. DEFITA manufactured these units itself and also installed them with the help of its own assembly teams. The goal was to deliver game kits for the Vyoczyn, South Moravian and South Bohemian regions and the company achieved great success in this on the basis of a well-developed marketing plan.

In 2008, DEFITA began to expand the company through the production and assembly of small wooden buildings such as gazebos, gazebos, garages and terraces. We also focused on the production of equipment for municipalities and cities. The goal was to develop functional, durable and aesthetic equipment based on the ideas and requirements of the investor or on the proposals of architects and designers. In public places, DEFITA manufactured and installed shop windows, information stands, warehouses of various sizes, bus stops, bus canopies, benches and tables, local orientation systems, garbage cans, bicycle racks, railings or poles, containers for plants.

Expanding its activities, the company acquired equipment for the production of galvanized Eurorisms for the manufacture of wooden euro windows and grout boards. DEFITA based its production on the supply of our Euro-currencies to the South Moravian Woodworking Plant (JmDZ) in Znojmo.

Since 2012, the company has expanded its activities to the assembly of wooden buildings and family houses. Studying wooden buildings and its own experience, DEFITA was able to create production drawings and assembly procedures for its own production and construction of wooden structures, buildings and family-type houses.

The result of the development of production in this direction was that DEFITA, in cooperation with subcontractors, was able to complete any construction – from earthworks to the facade.

However, DEFITA s.r.o. was also affected by the crisis phenomena, which gradually accumulated and led to the economic crisis in which it is now located. These were mainly losses of business partners due to their bankruptcy, periods of macroeconomic crisis in the Czech market, as well as large losses of orders due to the inability to make payments from investors. In addition, the period of the Covid-related pandemic, when production at the plant was practically stopped, had a serious impact. In addition, DEFITA s.r.o. had to transfer its activities to other cities twice, while losing a certain part of its key employees. This led to a deepening of the crisis, which the company has not been able to correct until now.

Format and price of the transaction

Sale of 100% of shares in the company to an investor who is able to financially improve the company and restart production.

Price: 1 000 EURO