Sale of a company for wholesale of books in Prague and 5 online stores

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)

Sale of 100% stake in s.r.o..

Price: 260 000 €
Country: Czech republic

We offer for sale a company, a limited liability company that has been successfully operating on the Czech market for 10 years, as well as online stores that the company has owned since 2008. The work of online stores is perfectly organized through the use of the latest software.

At the same time, the company proposes to transfer an indefinite contract for the lease of retail space. The premises are located in an attractive location, next to the Prague Metro station.

The total area of retail space is about 280 m2, of which 250 m2 is a warehouse and 30 m2 is the issuance of ordered goods.

Rental price 15,000, – monthly, electricity payments CZK 11,150, – per quarter and annual gas fee CZK 12000, –

The turnover achieved in recent years ranged from 25 to 32 million kroons. The company is a VAT payer, without tax debt.

The company did not take loans or non-bank loans.

The subject of sale is 100% of the company's shares. In the price:

  • 3 online bookstores,
  • 1 online store selling handbags,
  • 1 online store to sell pet products,
  • 150 supporting sites, fully automated and interconnected,
  • extensive customer database,
  • inventory (books, DVDs) worth about 400.000.-.
  • warehouse equipment and for the sale of products, including packaging machines, shelves, furniture, computers, printers, etc.
  • working capital of 1 million kroons.

Price for negotiation: 260 000 Euro