Direct sale by the owner of a minority or majority stake (by agreement) in a new existing relaxation center near Charles Bridge in Prague

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)

Sale of a 49% interest in the s.r.o. or greater by agreement.


Price: 78 500 €
Country: Czech republic

The new, opened in February 2019, the relaxation center is located in a strategic location – a few steps from the Charles Bridge in the busiest tourist center of Prague. Focused on individual and group customer service.

Attention! Direct sale by the owner. Below, in the text of this ad, a direct phone number to the seller is indicated. All negotiations can be conducted directly.

Characteristics of the relaxation center

The relax center focuses on the following procedures and services:

SPA Head

  • Water baths
  • Massage
  • Facial Skin Care
  • Hair care – using a wide range of professional products and novelties in the field of individual hair care BC Fiber Clinix +.
  • Stylist – haircuts and hairstyles.

Body & Foot Treatments

  • •With doctorLife+ MK400L – multifunctional drainage system that stimulates the lymphatic system (drainage and detoxification of the body), including blood circulation. A complete solution to reduce body fat.
  • Peat wraps
  • Paraffin treatments for hands and feet
  • Pearl baths
  • Pressure massage for upper and lower extremities

Consultation with the therapist on the spot.


The project for the creation of this relaxation center was developed in 2017 and the key for it was the signing of a long-term lease of premises on Saská Street 3, a few steps from the Charles Bridge. Then an architectural project was developed and in March 2018, construction work began on the reconstruction of the premises, the center's equipment and furniture were purchased.

Initially, the project plan provided for the opening of a relaxation center at the beginning of the second half of last year, but due to bureaucratic red tape, the opening took place only in February 2019.

Currently, the relaxation center has a staff of highly qualified employees of the necessary professions, actively promotes the advertising of the center, serves customers, the flow of which is constantly expanding, but is not yet sufficient to fully load the center.

Relaxation centre website: in Czech, Russian and English.

Expenses are mainly rent and staff salaries. Due to the size of the center, the costs are quite low.

For the arrangement of the relaxation center, the owner – a citizen of the Czech Republic, provided his own financial resources in the amount of 3.2 million Czech crowns and a small loan of several hundred Czech crowns was taken from the bank.

Due to the fact that the later opening of the center knocked the company out of the loan repayment schedule and created certain difficulties with the development of activities at the first steps, the owner, who is also the director of the company, decided to sell part of the share in the company.

Currently, it is more optimal for the owner to sell 49% of the company's shares for a price of CZK 2,000,000. However, if the buyer is interested, it is possible to negotiate the sale of a larger share.

A new co-owner can take both an active and passive position in the co-management of the company.

What will the new co-owner get?

Share in a fully prepared, operating and actively developing interesting project.

In view of the great potential of the project and the promising client capacity of the center, the new co-owner will also receive a profitability prospect of 100% Return on Assets (return on assets ratio).

A very interesting asset of the company can be attributed to the long-term rental of premises in a strategic place, where more than 7 million tourists a year pass.

Direct contact on the seller:

Mobile phone for the owner of the company: +420 777 755 602 Pavel Richter
Website of the relaxation center: