Sale of an existing employment agency

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)

Sale of 100% stake in s.r.o. (analogue of LLC).


Price: 5 700 €
Country: Czech republic

The owner sells the existing Czech employment agency in the Czech Republic at the enterprises of the automotive industry, as well as factories of other industries.

The agency specializes in the employment of handymen, controllers, workers of various specialties.

The Agency has permanent established contractual relations with leading Czech companies of the automotive industry and a stable request for employment of employees from the Czech Republic and third countries, including Ukraine and the countries of the former USSR.

The agency is located in Liberec.

The format of the transaction and the activities of the enterprise after the change of ownership

The subject of the sale is 100% of the shares in a limited liability company (s.r.o.)

Currently, the owner of the company is a citizen of the Czech Republic.

Price: 700 Euro or by agreement of the parties.

The following options for the sale of the company may be considered:

  • For 7000 Euros – the new owner, buying the company for the specified amount, will further repay the company's debts at the expense of internal reserves and in the process of reorganization of the company.
  • The amount by agreement – from the amount received for the sale of shares in the company will be partially or fully repaid of the existing debts of the company and the company will pass to the new owners "net" without debts or with significantly less debt.

The top management of the company is ready to continue its work after the change of ownership, but the most optimal seller seems to be a change in the company's management after its acquisition by the new owner. In this case, the current management of the company is ready to assist the new management (if it is interested) for a transitional period under a separate agreement with the new owner.

The purity of the transaction, the absence of hidden financial and legal obligations is guaranteed by the personal responsibility of the owners, the process of gradual transfer of management in accordance with the agreement, legal mechanisms and norms provided for in the Czech Republic.

Our services for the rehabilitation and revitalization of Czech companies

Our company has extensive experience in the rehabilitation – rehabilitation of Czech companies that are in a state of incipient or already developed financial and economic crisis.

For buyers of Czech companies intended for reorganization, we offer a full range of services that will help with maximum efficiency to capitalize the assets of the purchased company, and on the most favorable terms, with a significant discount, to buy off the company's debts from its creditors.

After the reorganization of the company, we provide full support in its stabilization and strengthening of its position in the market.

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