Sale of a consulting company with a 19-year history in the field of development, construction of solar power plants, mergers and acquisitions of M&A, credit broker.

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)

Sale of 100% of shares in the company to an investor who is able to improve the company's health and restart the business. .


Price: 22 200 €
Country: Czech republic

The company was founded in 2001 in Prague.


Consulting services in the field of:

  • photovoltaics, construction of solar power plants
  • development, purchase and sale of real estate for foreign investors
  • M&A mergers and acquisitions on the Czech market
  • obtaining mortgage and other loans in the banking sector


Since its foundation, the company has focused mainly on marketing and consulting services, sales, as well as the organization of events.

In 2005, when the Czech Republic had a strongly growing market for mortgage lending and other banking products, the company was reoriented to a mortgage and loan broker and cooperated with several of the largest Czech banks. Gradually, the company began to focus on retail and the company's clients were investors, including foreign ones, who were interested in buying real estate and development projects in the Czech Republic.

In 2010, responding to the increased demand of investors, the company expanded its services to the field of photovoltaics and consulting in the field of construction of solar power plants. Basically, these services were provided to investors and owners of energy projects who prepared projects for sale, as well as for the direct construction of solar power plants in order to generate profits.

Since 2013, financial investors have also begun to show increased interest in buying existing businesses and businesses in the Czech Republic, and the company has also expanded its activities as a consultant in the field of mergers and acquisitions transactions. In this area, the company being sold managed to carry out several significant transactions, which replenished a fairly solid portfolio of references.

In 2016, the company underwent structural changes in the composition of the founders and management, as a result of which one owner remained in the company, who is currently also a director of the legal entity.

Since 2017, the company has suspended its activities and is currently looking for an investor who will be able, based on the history and references of the company, to breathe new life into it and restart the business.

To date, the company does not own movable or immovable property, has small debts of several hundred kroons, but has a history since 2001 and a voluminous portfolio of positive references accumulated over the years of its activity.

Terms of the transaction:

  • The price is 200 EUR, including intermediary services and services for notarization of the transaction.
  • Sale of 100% of shares in the company to an investor who is able to improve the company's health and restart the business.
  • If necessary, the former owner is ready, by agreement, to provide consulting services to the new owner and management in the period after the transaction and the recovery of the business.