Sale of a new production and warehouse complex from bankruptcy bidding


Sale of a warehouse complex from bankruptcy auction.


Price: 1 770 000 €
Country: Czech republic


Prague is 80 km away, Mladá Boleslav is 35 km away, Česká Lipa is 10 km. This area has a significant production focus on the automobile giant Skoda Auto and the Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile plants in Kolín. In two kilometers the exit to the modern highway No. 9 Mlada Boleslav – Česká Lipa.

Characteristics of the warehouse complex

The debtor's bankruptcy manager sells a production and warehouse complex from an open tender

Exceptional investment opportunity to create production – a new substation complex for a price three times cheaper than the initial investment

  • total land area: 132.909 m2
  • new insulated production hall: 5.172 m2 and several small warehouses
  • high proportion of solid concreted and asphalted areas of the site
  • railway connection directly to the complex (own branch to the railway station)
  • own modern transformer substation
  • modern infrastructure of the complex with all engineering networks
  • potential for development – all permits for the construction of administrative buildings and workshops have been issued
  • excellent transport accessibility

A new modern production and warehouse complex is located next to the railway station. For the most part it is surrounded by forest, and in the northwestern part it is adjacent to the site on which active mining of construction sand is carried out.

Currently, all workshops have been vacated. In the main building there is an administrative room for the office and equipped locker rooms for 100 employees.

The complex is part of the construction of the largest woodworking plant in the Czech Republic. (There are also two fire tanks on the site.) For the construction of the complex, the debtor took large loans from the bank, which the debtor did not return, as a result of which bankruptcy was declared.

When buying an object, all debts are canceled.