Sale of a machine-building plant from bankruptcy auction

Operating enterprise

Sale of the plant from bankruptcy bidding.


Price: 2 500 000 €
Country: Czech republic

The bankruptcy manager sells on a bankruptcy basis the whole operating enterprise – the Bresson Machine-Building Plant (formerly the ČKD Dukla – Colin plant).

A well-known machine-building plant in Europe, whose products have traditionally been sold (and are being sold) on the European, Russian and Czech markets for the needs of energy, industry, CHP, plants for the disposal and disposal of household waste.

The plant has a unique production base, know-how, experience and solid references.

The plant has production workshops with a total area of more than 20,000 m2, administrative buildings and structures, warehouses and auxiliary premises.

Production and administrative buildings were mainly built in 1951-1991, are in working condition.

During its existence, the plant has sold in the Czech Republic and abroad more than 7,000 units of boilers for hot water or steam with a design capacity of 240 kg / hour to 240 tons / hour for burning brown and coal, natural gas, heavy and light oils, industrial, hospital and household waste, including waste heat recovery boilers.


Main activities of the plant for sale

  • Production of equipment and products on the basis of own know-how
  • Design and engineering activities
  • Technical Assistance Office
  • Inspection and audit
  • Production of equipment based on customer documentation
  • Service
  • Operation of power equipment
  • Installation
  • School of Welders

The plant provides the following production rights and certificates:

  • certificates according to ISO 9001-2000, ISO 14001:2004, ISO 3834-2:2005, OGSAS 18001:2007
  • ASME CODE S and U
  • Production of boilers, pressure tanks /pressure vessels/, pressure line
  • Manufacture of pressure vessels AD – Merktblatt, boilers and boiler parts according to TRD 201/HPO
  • Welder's certificate allowing to produce welded structures according to DIN 18800
  • RIGHT ITI Prague for installation and repair of centralized gas equipment /for audits and tests/
  • Right to welding, technical and quality requirements, including requirements according to DIN EN 729 – 2 – 4.03
  • The right of ITI Prague for the production, installation, repair and reconstruction of centralized pressure devices – steam and liquid boilers, as well as for the production of their spare parts
  • ITI Prague right for the production, installation, repair and reconstruction of centralized pressure devices – stationary pressure vessels
  • ITI Prague right to audit and test boilers and pressure vessels

History of the BRESSON Machine-Building Plant

The plant was founded in 1900 as the FRAM Wagon Building Works which until the Second World War was the production of cars, trams and buses. Since 1951, the plant, together with the ČKD Dukla, reoriented the production to the manufacture of boilers and boilers and supplied the bulk of the products to the USSR and the COMECON countries.

In 1991, the plant was privatized, which became part of the giant ČKD Dukla. In 2001, the bankruptcy of ČKD Dukla was declared, but this plant in Kolín continued its activities in the conditions of bankruptcy, because its production remained profitable. In 2002, Bresson bought the company from bankruptcy bidding.

In 2005-2008, the new owner carried out the modernization of production and for these purposes received loans from the bank and investments from non-credit companies. With the onset of the global economic crisis of 2008-2009, the volume of orders fell sharply and the company was insolvent.

In December 2009, the bankruptcy of the plant was declared, but the court allowed the reorganization of the debtor. For 2.5 years, the plant did not stop production and carried out reorganization in accordance with the approved plan. In January 2012, the reorganization investor, who was supposed to provide the funds, informed the court that due to internal financial problems it would not be able to fulfill its obligations and on March 19, 2012, the court decided to prohibit the reorganization and sale of the plant at auction.

Strengths of production:

  • History and traditions of the brand ČKD Dukla
  • Almost monopolistic positions on the Czech market in some types of production
  • Unique production base on the Czech market (e.g. membrane wall production line, large pipe bending – SFO)
  • Ownership rights to the design and drawing documentation of ČKD Dukla
  • Own know-how for the production of certain types of products
  • Experienced team of specialists, technologists and managers


  • Age structure of specialists
  • Deterioration of the equipment part

Unused reserves and sales potential:

CIS countries and the former Eastern Bloc, where the deterioration of power equipment is currently in critical condition
The possibility of repairing and supplying spare parts to energy facilities built by ČKD Dukla. In the CIS countries, these are hundreds of large and medium-sized energy facilities.

Cash turnover for the sale of products before the declaration of bankruptcy and reorganization:

2006 – 333 000 000 CZK, 2007 – 409 000 000 CZK, 2008 – 333 000 000 CZK

Cash turnover for the sale of products within the framework of reorganization:

2009 – 132 000 000 CZK , 2010 – 115 000 000 CZK , 2011 – 115 000 000 CZK

Gross profit from the sale of goods and services before bankruptcy:

2006 – 78 606 000 kroons, 2007 – 100 859 000 kroons, 2008 – 87 350 000 kroons, 2009 – minus 51 774 000 kroons

Bankruptcy Valuation:

List price: 177 062 000 CZK – 7 200 000 EUR

Valuation in liquidation: 98 414 000 CZK – 4 000 000 EUR

Immovable pl

Production complex consisting of 5 workshops, administrative buildings, several auxiliary buildings and warehouses, land plots. Production area: 20 000 m2. In the largest workshop, it is possible to manipulate loads of 2 to 32 tons at a height of 16 meters.

Transport accessibility is excellent.

Production base: Large number of special machines and equipment

Packing and transportation: Ensuring the packaging of goods according to customer requirements, including sea packaging. For the transport of goods, you can use a jelly road, road transport or a river port on the Labe River.

Main products

Equipment for industrial and furnace boiler houses

  • Smoke boilers of type BK T98 and BK T2000 manufactured in steam or hot water version, designed for combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels, heavy-duty, with natural circulation and pneumotic combustion process.
  • Mobile boilers type KTK manufactured in steam or hot water, designed for combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels; water-tube, single-drum with natural circulation, in membrane design
  • Mobile boilers of OKP type manufactured in steam or hot water version, designed for combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels; water-tube, two-drum with natural circulation, in membrane design, mounted at the factory – manufacturer. To achieve high efficiency, the boilers are equipped with economizers. Power range in steam version 8 – 40 t/h, steam pressure 1,4; 2,5; 3,8 MPa, steam temperature 220; 380; 445 °C (individual and other parameters). Power range in hot water version 5,6 – 17,5 MW, pressure 1,4; 2,5; 3,8 MPa, water temperature 150/70 °C (individual and other parameters).
  • Additional water heaters (economizers) for boilers of type BK T98 and OKP (tubular, ribbed, cast iron).
  • Stationary boilers – water-tube, membrane
  • Gas with a capacity of up to 150 t/h or according to customer requirements, pressure up to 9.6 MPa
  • Oil with a capacity of up to 150 t/h or according to customer requirements, pressure 9,6 MPa
  • Powder with a capacity of 35 – 150 t/h or according to customer requirements, pressure 9,6 MPa
  • DUKLAFLUID fluidized boilers with a capacity of 8 – 50 t/h for ecological combustion, especially for ashier fuels
  • IGNIFLUID fluidized boilers with a capacity of 45 – 115 t/h for combustion of heat-producing black coal
  • Heat-air exchangers of the OTV type are designed for heating air intended for heat supply, drying or for other technological purposes of heated air at the outlet within 75 – 150 ° C.
  • The high-speed steam generator G240 and G500 are direct-flow boilers for the production of wet, even saturated steam. The heat-shifting surface is formed by stainless steel coils, the boiler is equipped with a monoblock burner running on gas or liquid fuel. Steam power 240 a 500 kg/h, constructive overpressure 0,6 MPa.
  • PGP low-pressure steam boilers are designed for the production of process steam; they can be used for low-pressure steam heating of buildings and for heating TUV exchangers. Pneumatic combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels. Power range 250 -2500 kW, constructive overpressure 0,05 MPa.
  • Hot water boilers KDVE 16 – 600 are designed for hot water heating of buildingsIn the production of process heat and for heating TUV exchangers. Pneumatic combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels. Power range 160 – 6000 kW, constructive overpressure 0,6 MPa, water temperature 110/70 °C.
  • Thermal oil boilers KDVE – DUB, SPEC are used at coolant temperatures higher than 110 ° C and for pressures up to 0.3 MPa, designed for pneumatic combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels. The coolant (DUBOTERM) is designed for indirect heating in a closed non-pressure system at outlet temperatures up to 170 °C. At outlet temperatures up to 200 °C or higher, a boiler of the KDVE – DUB special type is supplied /on request/. Power range 400 – 1600 kW.
  • Ohmic electric boilers type EOK 125R, 250 a 400 are used for direct-heating or battery heating with electric current in closed hot water complexes. Power range 125 – 390 kW. Boilers EOK 125 R, including electric distributor and mixer. EOK 250 and 400 boilers can be delivered separately.

Auxiliary equipment for liquid fuels:

  • heated, vertical tanks /tanks/ 100 – 1679 m3
  • heated horizontal tanks 100 – 1679 m3
  • horizontal oil tanks 10 – 25 – 60 m3
  • kindling tanks 300 – 1000 l
  • sump tanks 0,6 – 5 m3
  • heating and non-heating filters Js 40 – 80 – 100 – 150
  • oil separators from heating steam condensate.

Pipelines – any connecting water pipes, steam engines, pipelines for liquid fuels and gas pipelines, including distributors, compensators, support devices, suspensions, etc.

For boiler completion

  • air ducts inclusive of shock /pulse muffler/
  • leaf and control valves, rubber connectors
  • flue ducts including explosion valves, steel compensators, support devices and suspensions
  • steel chimneys with diameter 200 – 2500 mm, single-sided or two-skirt, with thermal insulation
  • Load-bearing structures – steel load-bearing structures, building structures, platforms, transition platforms /bridges/, stairs and steps.

Water treatment equipment

  • Clarifiers DUKLA (clarification of water in a fluidized flaky layer, e – p. 2000 – 16000). Power range 10 – 1000 m3/h.
  • Plate separators – clarifier /defecator/ (clarification of water with separation of sediments in a plate composition, e – p. 3200 – 5400). Capacity range 20 – 240 m3/h.
  • Double-sided double-layer filters DDFI (pressure double-layer filtration in a two-component granular base, e – p. 1400 – 3000). Power range 60 – 280 m3/h.
  • Ionite filters IFS (for deionization, demineralization of water, e – p. 600 – 1400). Power range 10 – 60 m3/h.
  • Ionite filters IFS – D (double-layer cationic base for softening and decarbonizing water, e – p. 600 – 1400). Power range 2,6 – 14,5 m3/h.
  • Ionite filters IF (for deionization, demineralization of water, e – p. 1400 – 3000). Power range 54 – 270 m3/h.
  • Ionite filters IFVP (for high flow, deionization, demineralization of water by acid decarbonization, e – p. 630 – 2500). Power range 6 – 260 m3/h.
  • Ionite filters IFDS (for deionization, demineralization, two-stream regeneration, e – p. 1400 – 3000). Power range 72 – 375 m3/h.
  • Ionite countercurrent filters PIF (full ionite column for water demineralization, e – p. 1000 – 3200). Power range 30 – 320 m3/h.
  • Ionite two-chamber countercurrent filters DPIF (two-stage ionite process on the principle of a full column, e – p. 1000 – 3200). Power range 30 – 320 m3/h.
  • Filtration devices for ionite filters (for all sizes and types).
  • Fine filters JF (fine pressure filtration through replaceable filtration cartridges, e – p. 380 – 800). Power range 6 – 30 m3/h.
  • Rotary drum filters BF (pressure pipe filters, filtration elements in a rotating drum, auto flushing, e – p. 100 – 250). Power range 100 – 620 m3/h.
  • Sand filters PF (water filtration in a granular / granular / nest, monovariant / monocompanent / or multicomponent, d. r. 600 – 3000). Power range 3,5 – 83 m3/h.
  • Mixed filters SF (with internal generation, final level of demineralization, diameter 600 – 2500). Power range 10 – 234 m3/h.
  • Mixed filters SFE, SFEK (with external regeneration, final level of demineralization or condensate treatment, with the possibility of coarse filtration in an ionite base, diameter 2000 – 2800). Power range 200 – 480 m3/h.
  • Universal softening filters UZF (for softening or neutral decarbonization, deironing, countercurrent regeneration, ion trap, diameter 600 – 3000). Power range 11 – 360 m3/h.
  • Degassing nozzles (for thermal degassing of feed water, max. overpressure 0.07 MPa, max. temperature 150 °C). Power limits 1 – 32 m3/h.
  • Degassers KS (for thermal degassing of feed water – two-stage system, diameter 400 – 2500). Power range 2,2 – 400 m3/h.
  • Flocculation chamber (pressure chambers with mixing /mixing/, diameter 500 – 800 and 1800 – 3000). Power range 5 – 20 m3/h and 70 – 350 m3/h.
  • Oil level collectors (collection of petroleum substances m water level on the principle of an infinite, movable erasable loop), standard loop length 6 m, electrical consumption 120 W, water temperature 10 – 60 ° C.
  • Steam and hot water coolers (for water and steam sampling), maximum sample overpressure 16 MPa, max. sample temperature 550 °C, max. chilled sample temperature 50 °C.
  • Injectors for regenerative solutions (movement and dilution of regenerative solutions for ion exchange stations), power water consumption in m3/h. 0,6 ; 1,6 ; 4 ; 8 ; 16 ; 40, DN 25 – 125.
  • Injectors for bulk material (filling with sand, ion converters and other filters and columns), power water flow 25 m3/h, pressure up to 1 MPa, head height up to 8 m).
  • Pressure tanks /tanks/ – air cylinders /caps/, air vents, expanders (balanced tanks, diameter 400 – 2500, working pressure 0,6 – 1,6 MPa). Capacity 0,16 – 25 m3, the rest is individual according to the requirements. Accessories – expansion chambers DN 15 – 100.
  • Pressure solvers (for the preparation of a regenerative solution during softening, diameter 400 – 1400). Volume 90 – 1200 dm3.
  • Tanks for external regeneration ER, ERT (for external regeneration of ion converter in pressure and non-pressure version, diameter 1200 – 2000). The volume of the ion converter is 1,85 – 12,5 m3.
  • Tanks for chemical solutions (agitators /mixers/, measuring vessels, mortar tanks – steel and lined with rubber, diameter 600 – 2500). Volume 0,15 – 10 m3. Auxiliary equipment – tipper of bags for tanks intended for chemical solutions.
  • Aeration tower (countercurrent, pneumatic aeration to remove CO2 from water, diameter 600 – 3000). Power 10 – 400 m3/h.
  • Storage tanks (steel or or rubber-lined, non-pressure and pressure, vertical or horizontal, for storage of feed water, condensate, demineralized water, etc., diameter 1000 – 3200, pressure 0.06 ; 0.6 ; 1 MPa) Volume 1 – 120 m3.
  • Safety hinges DN 65 – 200.
  • Non-pressure spare, vertical tanks SB, SBCH (non-corrosive liquid reservoirs, flat or conical bottom, diameter 1800 – 7620, height 1790 – 7960) Volume 4 – 360 m3.
  • Heat exchangers are horizontal hair exchangers for indirect heat exchange in the thermal equipment of water treatment plants, in water-heating boiler plants for heating or cooling water, condensate, etc. The device version of the device is water – water or water – steam, maierial "hair" stainless steel or brass. Heat-change surface 0,8 – 160 m3 , working pressure for pipes 1 – 1,6 MPa, for casing / housing / 0,06 – 1,06 MPa, design temperature 115 – 250 ° C.


according to preliminary estimates of experts, the approximate price of the possible acquisition of the plant is 2.5-2.8 million EUR.