For sale Czech company operating in Prague on the market of advertising and marketing

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)

The subject of the sale is 100% of the shares in a limited liability company (s.r.o.).


Price: 14 000 €
Country: Czech republic

For sale is a Czech company operating in Prague on the advertising and marketing market since 2014.

The main specialization is a full range of services in the field of marketing, starting with the development of starting, branding and ending with the final implementation of online and offline campaigns.

The same company provides photo services – shooting photos of products, portraits, photos for corporate or personal profiles, photos of premises and establishments for marketing or sales purposes, as well as shooting corporate events, balls, weddings and other social events.

The company also carries out the production of advertising products of various kinds – banners, business cards, corporate textiles and other wide range.

In 2015-2017, the company also successfully operated a small "Kralin Ironing Factory", where it provided laundry and ironing services for restaurants, guest houses and private clients.

Currently, the firm is experiencing financial and economic difficulties due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the rather successful activities in past years in the above market segments, the company has the potential to successfully overcome the crisis and further business development.

The company is ideal for specialists in this commercial field who are planning to move to a permanent place of residence in the Czech Republic.

The format of the transaction and the activities of the enterprise after the change of ownership

The subject of the sale is 100% of the shares in a limited liability company (s.r.o.)

Price: 100 euros

The new owner, buying a company, will later repay the company's debts at the expense of internal reserves and own funds.

The purity of the transaction, the absence of hidden financial and legal obligations is guaranteed by the personal liability of the owners, legal mechanisms and regulations provided for in the Czech Republic.