Sale of an existing large plant for the serial production of fireplace stoves and chimneys

Operating enterprise

Sale of 100% stake in s.r.o. (analogue of LLC).


Price: By agreement
Country: Czech republic

General Information:

  • Factory price: 980 000 EURO
  • For sale is an operating EUROMETALGROUP plant with assets of CZK 109,751,000 – (4,045,374 EURO) and liabilities of CZK 42,012,000 (EUR 1,548,000)
  • The plant produces 17,000 fireplace stoves per year.
  • 95% of products are exported to Scandinavia, Germany, Great Britain.
  • 102 employees.
  • The plant is located on a strategic location 10 km from the border with Germany and 28 km from the border with Poland.
  • Annual turnover 90 000 000 CZK.


EUROMETALGROUP s.r.o. was founded in 2006 by the large Czech parent company M.A.T. Group s.r.o., which over the past decade has had a stable turnover exceeding CZK 700,000,000 and assets of more than half a billion Czech crowns.

For the organization of production, the building of the former textile factory was chosen, which the company acquired as property in the town of Krásná Lípa, located on a strategic location near the border with Germany (10 km) and Poland (28 km).

Since the first days of its existence, EUROMETALGROUP s.r.o., the parent company of M.A.T. Group has made significant investments in the purchase of modern equipment for the creation of competitive serial production of fireplace stoves and thick-walled chimneys.

Qualified management, production specialists and workers were selected, a marketing and sales department was created.
After the first year of operation, the company’s turnover amounted to 46,500,000 CZK, with 45 employees.

Kamny serie 2 2

In the following years, both the production and the staff of employees were constantly expanded, and the revenue of EUROMETALGROUP s.r.o. from the sale of its own products increased:

  • 2009: Sales turnover amounted to CK 89,354,000, with 88 employees.
  • 2017: CZK 92,000,000, with 98 employees.
  • 2018: turnover 94,130,000 hours, with a staff of 92 people.

In 2019, the three-year development of a new modern combustion chamber was completed, which was developed in cooperation with the West Bohemian University in Pilsen and provides an opportunity to enter the prestigious world markets of fireplace stoves with new product quality.

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 and negatively affected the company EUROMETALGROUP s.r.o. and especially the parent company M.A.T. Group s.r.o., which suffered the most serious losses and in September 2020 decided to sell EUROMETALGROUP s.r.o.

Since September 16, 2020, 100% of the shares in EUROMETALGROUP s.r.o. are owned by the Czech company Akvizice firem s.r.o.

EUROMETALGROUP – key indicators

  • The production area is 11,000 m2.
  • Current number of employees – 102
  • The annual production of fireplace stoves is about 17,000 units, which puts the company among the largest manufacturers of this product segment in the Czech Republic.
  • More than 95% of the produced fireplace stoves are exported to Europe.
  • Stoves-fireplaces are produced both serially and by individual order of customers.
  • The sale of thick-walled chimneys accounts for 20% of the company’s annual revenue.
  • Fulfillment of orders for cooperation with other companies – 12%
  • The products are certified according to ISO: 9001: 2016 standards, fireplace stoves are certified by the Machine-Building Testing Institute, and chimneys are certified by the Technical and Testing Construction Institute.
  • The planned turnover in 2020 is about 90,000,000 CZK.
  • Share capital fully paid up in 2006 – CZK 9,000,000


Machining center – vertical Deckel Maho DMU 80 monoBLOCK

Deckel Maho 2 2

Manufacturer: Deckel Maho
Type: DMU 80 monoBLOCK
Useful table surface: 1250 x 700 mm
Rotation axis A: 360°
Rotation axis B: -120° / +30°
Spindle speed: 12000 rpm
Bed: 32 positions
Laser measuring tool BLUM

Two laser cutting systems Trumpf Trumatic L3030 with Loadmaster

1 laser center

Installation power: 3200 W
Material: black sheet metal up to a thickness of 20 mm, stainless steel up to a thickness of 12 mm, aluminum, duralumin to a thickness of 8 mm
Sheet format (max.): 3000 x 1500 mm
Max. workpiece weight: 800 kg
Accuracy – positional deviation: 0.05 mm
Bending press TrumaBend V850XS
Bending length: 2700 mm
Material thickness: 12 mm
Slider lift: up to 615 mm
Absolutely indispensable is the ACB measurement in the instruments, providing the accuracy of each bend with an accuracy of 0.3 degrees.

Vertical machining center HURCO VMX 24

Hurco centr 2

Weight (approx.) 4700 kg
Stroke on axis X mm 610, Stroke on axis Y mm 510
Stroke on axis Z mm 610
Speed feed on axes X / Y / Z m / 1 ’35 / 35/30
Progress of work on axes X / Y / Z under linear interpolation (max.) mm / 1′ 10000
Table dimensions with T-slots, mm 750×510, Permissible weight 850 kg

CNC lathe INTURN 320 Contour

Machining diameter over the bed 320 mm
Machining diameter over the caliper 155 mm
Distance between the centres 1000 mm
Max. workpiece weight in the centres 80 kg
Speed range 10-4000 rpm
Spindle cavity Morse5
Spindle pass 40 mm
Power 7.5 kW
Maximum spindle torque 108 Nm

 CNC guillotine scissors Trumpf Trushear 5063

Pess bolshoj 2 2

Cut material strength:
450N/m2 (black sheet metal) 0,7 – 6 mm
600N/m2 (stainless steel sheet) 0,7 – 4 mm
Working width: 3050 mm

Airtech Paint and Drying Camera

High-capacity environmental wet varnishing chamber of the AIRTECH system, including a drying cabin. A medium-pressure diffusion pump is used for the application of paints and varnishes.

Shot blasting mounted unit TZ 2-5,5

Drobestrujka 2

The attachment is suitable for uniform blasting of all parts of simple and complex shapes that can be processed in suspended form.
Max. workpiece diameter (mm) 1100 mm
Max. workpiece height (mm) 1600 mm
Hook load capacity (kg) 500 kg
Number of shot blast wheels (pcs) 2 pcs
Shot blast wheel power (kW) 2900 rpm.

Two EMCOTURN E45 turning machining centers

Powerful spindle, 12-position turret head. VDI Quick Replacement System.
Line Guide to All Axes
Automation EMCO
Max. Spindle stroke: 51 mm
Maximum current over layer diameter: 430 mm
Chuck diameter: 160/200 mm
Axis travel in X / Y / Z: 160/70/510 mm
High speed x / Y / Z axis: 24/10/30 m /
Speed range: 0-6300(5000) rpm
Power: 13 kW
Drive tools: 12/6

LORCH welding technologies

Welding of conventional steel by MIG/MAG, TIG, MMA.
Welding of alloy steel by MIG, TIG, MMA.
Welding of stainless and special steels by TIG/WIG method.
Welding of aluminum and alloys by TIG/WIG method.

Welding plants for welding studs ELOTOP

The compact stud welding units of the ELOTOP series are optimized in terms of performance for welding studs with lifting ignition. Microprocessor control, DC regulation and high performance.

Bending press APHS 1254×40

Manufacturer: BAYKAL Mak
Pressing force: 40 tons
Bending length: 1250 mm
Max. lift: 230 mm

The main, most expensive technical equipment was purchased in the last decade at the expense of loans from ČSOB Bank and own funds. In total, the bank provided loans in the amount of more than 26,000,000 CZK, of which more than 60% are currently paid. There are no overdue loan payments.


Serial production of fireplace stoves

Kaminy 2 2
  • serial production of fireplace stoves designed by EUROMETALGROUP for firewood and briquettes
  • individual production of fireplace stoves on the order of customers
  • production of fireplace stoves in classic as well as modern design
  • fireplace stoves are made of high-quality cast iron and tin components
  • different types of color design
  • fireplace stoves are equipped with special fireclay stoves
  • fireplace stoves are available with round or flat glass
Kamna 2

Production of thick-walled chimneys

  • chimneys with a sheet thickness of 1.5 mm
  • chimneys with a sheet thickness of 2 mm

Execution of orders within the framework of cooperation

  • comprehensive services in the field of sheet metal processing
  • locksmith work, including all sub-deliveries
  • MIG, TIG, WIG welding, pointing
  • bending of complex parts on a CNC bending press
  • production of precision structures
  • fission of materials using CNC lasers
  • metalworking at the CNC milling center
  • CNC lathe
  • surface design in a mounted shot blasting unit
  • work on presses up to 35 tons
  • high-capacity wet varnishing chamber for silicone-based and heat-resistant paints

Product Sales

The main part of the production of fireplace stoves in the amount of 95% is exported to Scandinavia, Germany and the UK.

A fairly significant part of the finished, as well as unfinished products is purchased by a well-known company from Denmark – LOTUS: In the future, this company sells EUROMETALGROUP products on the Scandinavian market under its brand LOTUS, at a price 3-4 times higher than the purchase price.

The management of EUROMETALGROUP tried to enter the Scandinavian market directly with cheaper prices and bypassing Lotus however, due to the fact that the LOTUS brand is known to customers and more prestigious – the attempt of EUROMETALGROUP was unsuccessful.

For many years, a scheme has often been used when the parent company MAT GROUP buys products from EUROMETALGROUP almost at cost (or with a very small margin), and exports or sells products at a full price to foreign and domestic markets already in its name, accumulating profits in its accounts.

Currently, EUROMETALGROUP products are represented in all the largest construction hypermarkets in the Czech Republic and Slovakia: Hornbach, OBI, Bauhaus, Mountfield, Baumax, but the supplier to hypermarkets is still the former parent company MAT GROUP, and EUROMETALGROUP does not even have contacts for purchasing departments.

The new owner and management in the near future will need to create their own direct contractual relations with each construction hypermarket and conduct an audit of export supplies to foreign buyers, and with some also conclude direct contracts bypassing MAT GROUP.

An excellent prospect may also be access to the markets of Russia and the countries of the former USSR. Prices, quality and products seem to be very competitive, and the old management of the company never made an attempt to enter this market.



• Production area is 11,000 m2
• The total territory of the plant is 14,000 m2
• In the main building there are office premises of management, middle management, accounting.
• For workers there are changing rooms, showers and a dining room.

Zdanija 1

The main buildings and structures are in good technical condition in relation to the production purpose of the facility.
Heating – own boiler room.
In 2017, in the main office and production building, old wooden windows were replaced with modern energy-saving ones.


The EUROMETALGROUP factory is located in the town of Krásna Lípa (founded in 1361), on a strategic location near the border of Germany (10 km) and Poland (28 km).

Karta 2 1

Despite the fact that the town of Krásna Lípa is quite small, it is known not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad, because it is the main center of a unique natural region – Bohemian Switzerland (BOHEMIAN SWITZERLAND).

Krasna Lipa 2 1

Directly in the town of Krásna Lípa and in the immediate vicinity there are many castles, ancient fortresses, four-star and three-star hotels, pensions, restaurants, sports areas, tennis courts and all other infrastructure of a developed European tourist region.

The town of Krásna Lípa (132 km from Prague) has everything you need for a quality, relaxing life and relaxation for families and children.

reka 1


(in accordance with the extraordinary financial report dated 31.8.2020)

Assets: CZK 109,751,000 – (4,045,374 EURO)

  • Fixed assets 65,802,000
    • Plots and buildings 15 785 000
    • Acquisition of fixed assets of production 50,017,000
  • Current assets 41 344 000
    • Reserves of 33,101,000 including:
    • Item 5 178 000
    • unfinished production and semi-finished products 20 911 000
    • products in stock 7 012 000
    • Accounts receivable 7 086 000 including:
    • short-term accounts receivable 7,086,000
    • funds in the account 1 157 000

Liabilities: CZK 62,012,000 (real 42,012,000 – see note)

  • Long-term liabilities of 28,971,000 including:
    • Loan liabilities 8,971,000
    • Obligations to the owners of 20 000 000 (canceled upon sale of shares in the company on 16.9.2020)
    • Short-term 33 038 000 including:
    • Accounts payable from trade relations 26 019 000
    • Others 6,322,000

Due to the fact that the former parent company used schemes to squeeze and accumulate profits in its accounts, in certain previous years, as well as continuously since 2017 – EUROMETALGROUP has an accumulated loss to be carried over to the profit of subsequent tax periods. This factor is reflected in the current sale price of the plant, which, subject to the reflected profit, would be much higher.

Prior to the sale of EUROMETALGROUP in September this year, the former parent company M.A.T. Group s.r.o. withdrew certain assets, including finished products, from the company in July and August.

As of 31.8.2020, the loss in the current year is 7,479,000 CZK.

The extraordinary financial report dated 31.8.2020 reflects the real economy of the company as of September 1, 2020.

Prospect of the plant after the transaction

For the new owner, the main value will be primarily a well-established production, in the equipment of which more than 70,000,000 CZK was invested (the last major acquisition – in 2017 – the Trumpf Trumatic L3030 with Loadmaster laser cutting system for 11,151,000 hours), the supply and sales system, as well as management, specialists and employees who are able to work skillfully and produce competitive products of high quality.

Provided that the new owner creates a competent system of management and delegation, the loss of previous years, which was formed as a result of the use by the former parent company of schemes to squeeze profits from a subsidiary, can be used to reduce taxable profits (a taxpayer who received a loss to be carried forward has the right to reduce the amount of the tax base in the tax return of future periods by the entire amount of the loss).

The plant’s products have a high added value and with competent management and marketing, the enterprise is able to be highly profitable, especially when realizing the possibility of entering new markets. In this regard, given the climatic conditions, the market of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan can be very promising.

Format and price of the transaction

  • The subject of the sale is a 100% stake in s.r.o. – Analogue of O.O.O.
  • The seller is the Czech company Akvizice firem s.r.o.
  • Accounting, documentation, archives, etc. in the company are in perfect order, which guarantees the transparency of the transaction.
  • The legal purity of the transaction is guaranteed.

Price: 980 000 Euro

More information will be provided upon written request to: