Sale of the existing hotel complex consisting of two hotels "Bohemia & Regent" in the famous resort town of Třeboň


The object is sold by the owner as a complex of immovable and movable property..


Price: 2 400 000 €
Třeboň Region:
Country: Czech republic

The hotel complex "Bohemia a Regent" for sale is located on the shore of Lake Svet in the resort town of Třeboň, which is located 20 km from the capital of the south-Czech region České Budějovice.

Třeboň – an ancient city in the south of the Czech Republic with developed tourism, which is called the capital of Czech carp – is famous for its mud and mineral spas, as well as fishing in the surrounding lakes and ponds, of which there are more than 500.

The hotel complex "Bohemia a Regent" consists of several buildings that fit into the landscape of a well-groomed park, and are located next to the sanatorium and spa center Aurora.

The main building is the 3 star hotel Bohemia in which there are 40 double rooms, a restaurant with 65 seats, a bar, a breakfast room, a summer terrace. The second building of the complex is the Regent Hotel with 45 rooms and 1 family apartment.

The complex includes a free-standing restaurant on the shore of the lake Fisherman's Meal designed to serve 60 visitors in the hall and salons of the restaurant and 35 seats on the summer terrace, which offers a picturesque view of the lake. Part of the complex is an 18-hole mini golf, a petanque court, a badminton court and a children's corner. The parking of the complex is designed for 100 cars.

In the immediate vicinity of the complex "Bohemia a Regent" there is a natural beach, 6 tennis courts, a grass football field, a football field with artificial turf and professional infrastructure, a multifunctional sports hall, a driving range. In the nearby aurora sanatorium you can use the indoor swimming pool with sea water, fitness and sauna, a full range of spa procedures. The complex is located in the resort area widely known for the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, as well as fishing, tourism, sports and recreation.

A very important advantage of the sold complex is its location

The town of Třeboň has been known for several centuries primarily as a spa center specialized in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, post-traumatic and postoperative conditions. The Třeboň basin has the richest deposits of peat up to 30 meters deep, with the content of the minerals pyrite and marcasite, which, after crushing, are added to mud baths and wraps.

In addition to programs for sick patients, Třebonė Spa Hotels also offer a wide range of restorative and relaxation programmes for those who wish to take advantage of their stay at the spa to promote their health. A positive effect is also facilitated by a clean environment, which is an ideal place to relax, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of a dense network of hiking and cycling trails, including nature trails.

The ancient town of Třeboň has a beautiful medieval city center, many historical and cultural monuments, as well as an excellent strategic location for excursions and trips to the famous historical places of the South Bohemian region: the castles of Hluboká and Orlík, the fortresses of Zviks, the istrician cities of Český Krumlov, Jindrichův Hradec, Pisek, Červena Lhota, as well as Češke Budějovice.

The Třeboň geographical basin is also unique in that there are more than 500 lakes and ponds on a relatively small territory that create beautiful landscapes. Here is the largest pond in the Czech Republic with a water area of 489 hectares – the Rožnberg Pond. Since 1977, the Trebon Biosphere Reserve has been under the protection of UNESCO.

Spa treatment

Spa treatment is based on the use of peat mud, rich in useful minerals and organic compounds (saccharides, fiber and humic acid), coupled with the methods of modern medicine. Therapeutic procedures include: mud baths, therapeutic mud wraps, compresses, water procedures (various baths, underwater massage), manual massage, electrotherapy, laser therapy, gas injections. For general relaxation, guests can enjoy a massage on the hydro-jet water bed, a classic sauna or a steam bath.

Indications for treatment:

  • diseases of the spine and joints;
  • Arthritis;
  • rheumatism;
  • Bechterew's disease;
  • gout;
  • painful conditions of soft tissues;
  • postoperative and post-traumatic conditions.


Vacationers in Třeboň are offered many types of outdoor activities – gyms and swimming pools, tennis courts and solariums, water sports and fishing, cycling and hiking. Boat excursions are organized along the Svet and Gateman ponds.

Traditionally, several festivals are held in the city – two folklore festivals at the end of June and at the end of August, classical music concerts and various exhibitions, performances and concerts.

The nearest international airport is 22 km away in Češka Budějovice. Prague is 122 km away, Vienna is 170 km along the autobahns.

Characteristics of the hotel complex for sale

The hotel complex is located on its own plot of 13,318 m2. On the plot there are Hotel Bohemia, Hotel Regent, restaurant Fisherman's Meal, parking, service areas, leisure and recreation. The terrace of the Bohemia Hotel, leisure and recreation areas, the fisherman's bastion restaurant are located in quiet parts of the plot surrounded by greenery. As a strategic reserve, plots near the Regent Hotel are left. In order for the hotel guests to have free access directly to the shore of Lake Svet, the management of the complex concluded a lease agreement for a small plot of land with the city of Trebon.

  • Number of employees: 22 + 6 per season on a contractual basis.
  • Total annual occupancy: more than 60%

Hotel Bohemia

The hotel has 40 rooms of standard 3 ***, located on three floors with a total capacity of 82 seats, a restaurant with a capacity of 65 seats, a breakfast room for 35 seats, a lobby bar for 30 seats and a salon for 30 seats, utility and office rooms, a kitchen and accommodation for staff.

  • Total floors above ground: 4
  • Hotel area: 2 761 m2

During the construction and operation of the hotel, the principle of an urban solution based on the plan of the land plot, as well as on the structure of existing buildings and communications, was used.

The immediate vicinity of the nearby Regent Hotel and the walking route to the spa park, influenced the creation of a private area for hotel guests, the restaurant and sports events, which were realized by the creation of a semi-enclosed hotel facility. Most of the hotel's rooms are oriented to this quiet area.

Urban water supply, sewerage, gas, telephone network, parking for cars.

Regent Hotel

The hotel has 45 double rooms of standard 3 *** located on three floors with a total capacity of 82 beds, as well as 1 quadruple apartment on the 2nd floor of the hotel. The hotel also has a conference lounge with 50 seats, on the 5th floor there is a bar for 20 visitors, on the 1st floor there is a room for bicycles.

The building of the hotel with its silhouette resembles a steamboat with a captain's bridge, cabins and originally this hotel was called regatta.
The facility is inscribed in the surrounding recreation areas of Trebon and nearby sports facilities – a sports hall, tennis courts, football fields and a park.

The hotel has its own parking. The building consists of five floors. Total area: 2935 m2

The hotel has two lifts. During the construction of the building, steel structures and bricks were used. The building is heated by its own gas boiler. Urban water supply, sewerage, gas, telephone network, parking for cars.

Restaurant Fishing meal

A detached object – Restaurant Fisherman's Meal was opened primarily on the basis of the wishes of the guests of our hotels and the neighboring sanatorium Aurora.

The popular stylish restaurant fits perfectly into the surrounding landscape – located on the shore of the lake next to the park. The building has a glass façade on the south side and a summer terrace overlooking the pond. The interior hall, designed for 35 visitors, is dominated by a working fireplace. In addition, the restaurant has two salons on the 1st floor for 24 seats and on the second floor also for 24 seats. The summer terrace is designed for 32 visitors of the restaurant. In the main hall of the restaurant there is a dance floor.

The restaurant has 2 floors. Gross building area: 968 m2

The restaurant has a high attendance and popularity with both guests and locals of Trebon.

Prospect of use of the object by the new Russian owner

According to the statistics of the Czech state agency for the support of tourism CzechTourism, the annual growth of tourism from Russia to the Czech Republic is 26.6%, while, in contrast to previous years, more and more Russian tourists are discovering new cities and regions of the Czech Republic. At the end of 2012, CzechTourism published a press release in which it reports: "At present, there is a surprisingly high interest of tourists from Russia, the CIS and the Baltic countries in various regions of the Czech Republic and the provinces. Respondents from all regions of the Czech Republic report a high increase in tourism from Russia."

Czech resorts are especially popular among Russian tourists. If in previous years Russian tourists preferred Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne, today Russians make up a significant part of the clients in sanatoriums of even such small resort towns as Luhačevice, Jáchymov, Darkov, Jeseník, Hodonín, Bechyne and many others.

Against their background, Třeboň stands out for its historical calority, unique natural landscapes, strategic location among the many tourist pearls of southern Bohemia.

The popularity of the resort city of Třeboň among Russians is growing more and more every year. In order to make sure of this, it is enough in Yandex to search for the keyword "resort třeboň". Currently, dozens, if not hundreds, of travel agencies offer treatment and rest in sanatoriums and hotels in Třeboň.

An excellent objective assessment of Třeboň is given on the website of the Moscow travel agency Divisu: "Perhaps Třeboň can be called one of the most beautiful resorts in the Czech Republic. The main feature of this place is its unusual location from a geological point of view: the resort is located in a huge basin with vast dense forests and a large number of lakes. Now it is difficult to imagine that once there were not all these beauties, and the entire surface of the basin was occupied by peat swamps and more than one generation of residents of Třeboň worked to turn the dull terrain into a picturesque valley. By the way, there are not many places on earth like this, so Třeboň is a protected UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The city itself fascinates with its indescribable flavor. Small two-, maximum three-storey houses with funny peaked roofs, shabby stone paving stones, an elegant Renaissance castle with a small pond opposite, a town hall with a clock on the central square … Despite the almost intimate atmosphere of Třeboň and the fact that almost every building is a historical monument, there is a very lively atmosphere conducive to long walks."

Currently, the occupancy of the complex "Bohemia a Regent" is at a fairly good level, but at the same time the Czech owner and management of the hotel does not work at all to promote the services of the hotel in the Russian market. Without a doubt, this is a huge reserve for a potential Russian owner, which can be used to prosperity and increase profitability of the hotel complex "Bohemia a Regent".

In addition, the owner created a project and received permission to create and build a balneological and rehabilitation center in the basement of the Regent Hotel, which provides for the creation of a hydrotherapy complex, mud baths and wraps, a sauna, a solarium, a rehabilitation pool, a gym.

Other benefits of acquiring a hotel complex include:

  • advantageous, fairly low price of the object
  • the possibility of creating a hotel, balneological and rehabilitation center with specialization in Russian clients
  • good condition of the buildings, and therefore the lack of additional investment in their repair
  • operating complex with the presence of a regular clientele and established relationships with suppliers
  • the staff is ready to continue working even after the change of ownership
  • transparency of the transaction – when buying real estate and movable property, the appearance of hidden financial obligations that are possible when acquiring an operating company is excluded