For sale of a company specializing in metal fabrication

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)



Price: 2 000 €

The company was founded in 2020 with the authorised capital of CZK 400,000 thousand. It started its activity with the purchase and sale of non-ferrous metals and steel in the form of various semi-finished products.

Later on, the company focused on the production of forgings and bends and the subsequent processing of sheet metal.

The company is now a complete supplier in the field of laser, plasma and waterjet cutting. In addition, the company can perform welding work either in-house or in co-operation with other companies. The company also supplies structural steel products and prefabricated sheet metal products. Some of these products – tanks, stands, containers – have their own production documentation.

The company’s great potential lies in its own database of potential customers and potential suppliers, especially from the Czech Republic, in the creation of which the company has invested heavily. 

Thanks to this work, the company has contacts with almost 6 thousand manufacturers ( JSC, Ltd., FIs), with whom it is possible to quickly contact and offer co-operation. Regular contacts are maintained with these companies! This is not a fictitious or inflated database.

Thanks to its own database, the company can react very quickly to the customer’s requirements and choose the most optimal supplier. That is, the fastest (in terms of delivery time), the cheapest (the company chooses from suppliers who have spare capacity) or the best quality (the company chooses a supplier who has the necessary equipment).

The company has such potential, and it can become an additional motivation for a potential investor and a serious argument for buying the company.

Statistical data on the results of customer service can be provided to a potential investor for review.

The company has a very good reputation among customers because of its focus on production, which customers have problems with. (timing, equipment, etc.).

The company is mainly engaged in batch production, but it also produces piece products.

This company may be of interest to an investor, a buyer wishing to acquire a company with a good name, with customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and wishing to do business in the field of mechanical engineering and production of metal products.

The company does business in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Current economic situation

The company has an annual turnover of approximately CZK 25 million.

The company currently has more than 70 regular customers.

The company is currently operating, but is in a crisis economic situation.

The main reasons for the crisis situation are two:

  1. Collection of overdue short-term receivables from debtors.  (Total amount of CZK 6.8 million).
  2. The second reason is a consequence of the first one – lack of working capital, which affects not only the financing of the main activities of the company, but also the insufficient financing of the work of lawyers in court proceedings to recover debts from debtors.

Despite the current economic situation, the company is not in a pre-bankruptcy state and has the potential to overcome the crisis in the near future.

Main assets: 

  • Own detailed database of customers and suppliers
  • Proprietary drawing documentation
  • Detailed workflows and video instructions for individual items (work with CRM-system, administration, logistics, etc.)
  • Overdue and non-overdue short-term receivables from customers: CZK 6.8 million

Principal liabilities:

  • Current overdue and non-overdue payables to suppliers: CZK 6.6 million

Number of employees: 8

More detailed information about the economics of the company being sold, accounting statements, legal documents – on request of a potential buyer seriously interested in the transaction.

Our services for crisis recovery, restoration or restructuring of Czech companies

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In addition to specialised services for recovery from corporate crisis, we provide foreign buyers of Czech companies with services in document management, accounting, communication with state institutions, fiscal authorities, banks, etc.

Cost of services of Revital Business s.r.o.: as agreed by the parties.

Transaction format and operation of the company after the change of ownership

The subject of the sale is a 100% share in a limited liability company (s.r.o.).

Price: 1 000 CZECH KRON.

For this price the company will be sold only to a serious buyer who will acquire the company with the purpose of recovery from the crisis and subsequent repayment of the company’s debts in the process of recovery, revitalisation, restructuring or from his own funds.