For sale is a regional wholesale flooring company with a 15-year history

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)



Price: 1 000 €

The company was founded in 2008. From the very beginning of its activity, it has specialized in the wholesale of floor coverings of various types and in the complementary business of wholesale office supplies.

Since 2020, the company has been exclusively engaged in the wholesale of floor coverings as well as components and accessories for floor coverings of various types. It also provides customers with services in costing, component selection and delivery of floor coverings to customers.

The company has its own warehousing facilities, loading equipment and delivers goods to customers.

The company has stable relationships with large wholesale suppliers and Czech flooring manufacturers. As the company has been in business for more than 15 years, many suppliers provide significant discounts, which increases the competitiveness of the offer and increases the company’s business margin.

The company offers the following types of floor coverings to its wholesale customers:

PVC floor coverings

A wide range of PVC floor coverings for residential and heavy duty flooring.

Floating floors

Vinyl, laminate and wood floating floors.


  • Residential loop carpets
  • Residential cut pile carpets
  • Load-bearing carpets
  • Carpet squares
  • Cleaning zones

Floor coverings from natural, renewable sources

They are made from natural, renewable resources and are therefore environmentally friendly.

Special coverings

  • Quick-setting floor coverings
  • Dielectric carpets
  • Rubber floor coverings

Accessories and components

  • Floor mouldings
  • Stair kerbs
  • Self-adhesive transition strips
  • Pads and foils for floating floors – vinyl, laminates
  • Protective self-adhesive films
  • Chemicals

Place and region of operation: Pardubice

Current economic situation

The company’s turnover is approximately CZK 10 million per year.

The company currently has more than 30 regular wholesale customers and also has customers who do not subscribe regularly, but for specific orders.

The company is currently operating but is in a crisis situation. The trigger for the beginning of the economic crisis in the company was the period of government restrictions in connection with the coronavirus pandemic and its negative impact on the macroeconomy, as well as the stagnation of the Czech construction market in recent years.

In spite of the current economic crisis, the company is not in a state of insolvency and has the potential to overcome this crisis in the near future.

Main assets: 

  • Goods in stock: about 2 million CZK.
  • Short-term and overdue receivables from customers: approximately CZK 5.7 million.

Main liabilities:

  • Current payables past due and current payables due to suppliers: approximately CZK 5.8 million.
  • Due from banks: approximately CZK 1,4 million.
  • Other payables: approximately CZK 0,4 million.

This means that the company is in a state of secondary insolvency, where it is unable to pay its liabilities due to unpaid customer debts.

More detailed information on the management of the company being sold, financial statements, legal documents – upon request of a potential buyer who is seriously interested in the transaction.

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Terms of transaction

The object of the sale is 100% share in a limited liability company.

Price: CZK 1 000.

Mandatory condition: for the price of CZK 1,000, the company will be sold only to a serious bidder who will buy the company in order to bring the company out of the crisis through the revitalization or restructuring of the company and the subsequent repayment of the company’s obligations to its creditors.