Sale of czech brewery Eggenberg in Český Krumlov + real estate complex for the construction of a large hotel

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Sale of real estate and movable property of Eggenberg Brewery, Czech Republic.


Price: 6 900 000 €
Country: Czech republic

Sale of EGGENBERG brewery and real estate complex in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

Location: Český Krumlov – located in the South Bohemian Region, among the picturesque nature of the Middle Mountains in the beliefs of the Vltava River. Prague is 180 km far, Linz, Austria is 73 km away via the Autobahn.

Activity of the enterprise: production of beer and non-alcoholic products

Main products

  • Aged "live" beers of the highest category in bottles: Světlý ležák PETR VOK, Světlý ležák EGGENBERG, Tmavý ležák EGGENBERG, Nakouřený Švihák.
  • Beer in aluminum cans: Světlý ležák EGGENBERG, Světlé výčepní pivo EGGENBERG, Tmavý ležák EGGENBERG.
  • Draught beer (courts) : 7 types
  • Lemonades: Oranž Eggenberg, Cola Eggenberg, Tonic Eggenberg, Krumlovský pramen, Sodová voda, Citronový Eggenberg, Malina Eggenberg.
  • Barrel lemonades (courts): 5 types

Product Sales

  • Bottled and canned beer: Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Russia, Singapore
  • Draught beer: 49 restaurants and pubs in Český Krumlov and the region
  • Lemonades: Czech Republic

Technology:NATE technological equipment. It is also supplied and used in Russia. For example, JSC Russian Brewing Company, ZOO Volga – Invest Brewery, Nizhniy Novgorod Bottle Filling, OAO Vyatich, Brewery Kirov, Marven Investment – Brewery Barnaul and others.

We offer for sale the Czech brewery EGGENBERG and a unique real estate complex

  • • Operating renowned medium-capacity brewery EGGENBERG founded in 1560+
  • • Brewery Restaurant +
  • • Large complex of free non-industrial, residential and industrial real estate in the immediate historical center of Český Krumlov in the area of the main tourist routes, including the garden of the beer factory +
  • • Venue for the traditional annual famous international festival of opera and classical music in the gardens of the brewery on the banks of the Vltava River.

The factory is located in a unique historical place of the pearl of Czech tourism – the fabulously beautiful town of Český Krumlev.

The town of 17,000 inhabitants, which is under the protection of UNESCO, is visited annually by more than a million tourists from all over the world. In 2011, a record was set – more than 1,300,000 tourists. For comparison, 1.5 million Prague is visited by about 4,000,000 tourists a year.

Due to the huge tourist flow and the very compact small historical center of Český Krumlov, property prices in the city center are among the highest in the Czech Republic and are comparable to prices in the tourist center of Prague -1.

History of EGGENBERG Brewery

The EGGENBERG brewery is one of the oldest brewers in the Czech Republic and has a rich history that dates back to the middle of the 15th century.

In 1462, the buildings of the complex received the ownership of the powerful Jan II z Rožmberka. In the 16th and 17th centuries, there were armory aresnals and workshops of Peter Vok and Emperor Rudolf II.

The last nobleman of the Rožmberg family, Petr Vok, died in 1611, and the Krumlov Pantheon passed into the hands of Emperor Rudolf II of Habsburg. In 1622, as compensation for military expenses, the Krumlov Panthenia passed from the hands of Emperor Ferdinand II to the house of Eggenberg from Styria. To meet the growing demand for beer, the Eggenbergs decided to rebuild into a new large brewery the former home of the widow Anna of Rogendorf, the mother of the last Rožmbergs, and the nearby arsenal of Peter Vok. The reconstruction lasted five years, from 1625 to 1630 and since then the brewery has been in these buildings. Eggenberg beer has been brewed in this place for more than four hundred years without interruption.

In 1719, the management passed to the princely family of Schwarzenberg, who rebuilt the building in the Baroque style and modernized the brewing production. During their reign, the Český Krumlov brewery was the largest in the whole country. The Schwarzenbergs organized the supply of high-quality hops from North Bohemia and in 1880 began to use the latest steam engines.

In 1947, the plant was nationalized.

Various reconstructions, restorations and construction of new facilities on the territory of the complex were carried out from the 15th century to the present. The buildings of the complex and its courtyards are included in the lists of object-monuments protected by the state, as part of the city historical reserve. However, this is not an obstacle to the reconstruction of buildings, subject to the condition of preserving the external integrity of buildings.

The predominant style of buildings is the classical Renaissance with elements of Gothic.

The complex is located on a large plot of land with a slight slope to the Vltava River.

In 1996, the plant was privatized and in recent years has been in permanent ownership by one owner.

Characteristics of the brewery

Eggenberg Brewery is one of the breweries with the greatest brewing traditions in the Czech Republic. In terms of its productivity, the plant belongs to medium-sized breweries with a potential annual output of 200,000 hectoliters of beer. However, in recent years, the plant has been producing 40,000 – 50,000 hectoliters of beer.

The main product of the brewery is high-quality light and dark beer of the highest grades brewed according to traditional technology with a long fermentation period of about 90 days. (Ležák) The quality of the beer has been awarded many Czech and international awards.

The brewery is located among a complex of buildings with a total area of more than 14,000 m2, but only about 1/3 of the total real estate is used for the production and storage of beer. The remaining areas are used as living quarters for plant management or are empty. Due to the fact that in the historical center of Český Krumlov there is an acute shortage of space and given the large tourist flow, there is a business idea to use the unused areas of the complex for the creation of a large hotel with a relaxation and rehabilitation program based on a beer spa center and therapeutic procedures with the preservation of beer production.

The gardens on the territory of the brewery host the main concerts of the annual international festival of opera and classical music. The capacity of the summer theater is about 4000 spectators.

The brewery has its own restaurant with 180 seats and a beer bar with 70 seats in a detached building, which is located in front of the entrance to the territory of the plant.

Tourist excursions are held on the territory of the plant and in the main production workshops.

For the production of beer, the brewery has its own source of soft quality water, which has a special impact on improving the quality of the beer produced.

The technological equipment of the plant is completely in working condition, but has an increased degree of deterioration.

Raw materials: malt and hop extract

Technology and recipes: old traditional recipes of Czech brewing

Beer quality: excellent.

Different types of beer were repeatedly awarded and certified as the best beer of the year in the Czech Republic and abroad.
• 1994 – light beer "Eggenberg" 10° received the second place in the competition "Beer of the Year 1994"

  • 1995 – light beer "Eggenberg" 10° wins first place in the competition of Small Independent Breweries
  • 1996 – light beer "Eggenberg" 10° received the second place in the competition "Beer of the Year 1996"
  • 1996 – light lager beer "Eggenberg" 12° won first place in the competition of Small Independent Breweries
  • 1998 – dark lager beer "Eggenberg" won first place in the competition "Beer of the Czech Republic 1998"
  • 1999 – lager beer "Eggenberg" won the first place in the competition "Golden Beer Seal 1999"
  • 1999 – dark lager beer "Eggenberg" won the third place in the competition "PIVEX Gold Cup"
  • 1999 – Lager beer "Eggenberg" won first place in the competition "Beer of the Czech Republic 1999"
  • 2000 – dark lager beer "Eggenberg" won first place in the competition "Golden Beer Seal 2000"
  • 2001 – dark lager beer "Eggenberg" won the first place in the competition "Golden Beer Seal 2001"
  • 2003 – light beer "Eggenberg" received the second place in the competition "Golden Beer Seal 2003"
  • 2005 – light beer "Eggenberg" received the first place in the competition "Beer of the Czech Republic"
  • 2007 – light beer Petr Vok – gold medal at the European Beer Star competition
  • 2010 – Smoked beer Nakouřený Švihák won second place in the competition "Beer of the Czech Republic 2010"

International Festival of Opera and Classical Music at the Eggenberg Brewery Complex

For the 17th year, the main concerts of the international festival of opera and classical music "Česky Krumlov", which is widely covered by Czech television and the international press, are held annually in the gardens that are located on the territory of the complex. The participants of the festival were the world's largest opera stars of the first magnitude. The famous Plácido Domingo, Ramón Vargas, José Cura, Angela Gheorghiu, Renée Fleming sang here.

In 2012, the main face of the festival for the first time was the Russian opera singer Dmitry Hvorostovsky.

Guests of the festival who visited the Jäggenberg Brewery and tasted its products were King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden, President of Austria Heinz Fischer, President of the Czech Republic Václav Klaus, Prime Minister Vladimir Špidla, singer Karel Gott and other VIPs.

The capacity of the summer theater is about 4000 spectators.

During the concerts of the festival, as well as during other major events in the garden, a podium, spectator rows, tents for a buffet with cold snacks and drinks are installed, and hot dishes are prepared in the Eggenberg restaurant.

Characteristics of the property

The Eggenberg beer factory real estate complex is located in the historic medieval city centre called Latrán on the banks of the Vltava River. On the south-eastern side, the complex is bounded by the Vltava River, on the north-west by a minor monastery, in the west by urban buildings. There are two entrances to the complex: from Latran Street, which is currently closed, and from Pivovarska Street.

Currently, the brewery is a large complex of buildings with a central courtyard surrounded by four wings and an arched portal in the Renaissance style. All wings and buildings located in the courtyard have a sgrafitto. The buildings on the east and north sides also belong to the brewery. The western wing is decorated primarily with a cross and vaults with capitals of the Renaissance. The western side of the north wing has a small wing, the front of which visually breaks the first floor with a Renaissance-style loggia framed by archivolts and decorated with sgrafitto. The southwest corner of the complex has two orders and a monumental Staircase in the Renaissance style. On the first floors of the east and south wings there are breweries with cross vaults.

The buildings of the complex are in good technical condition, have a massive building with a wall thickness of more than 1.4.meters characteristic of buildings of the 16th – 18th centuries. At the beginning and middle of the last decade, the restoration of sgraphite facades of buildings was carried out.
Beer production, warehouses and utility rooms of the brewery occupy about a third of the complex's area.

Main buildings and structures of the complex:
Administrative building: Basement – 231,00 m2. 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of 500,25 m2 each. Ceilings 3.30 – 3.80 m. Total area: 1732 m2.

  • Brewery: built in 1868. 1 floor + basement. The total area of 507 m2. Ceiling height 7,64 m
  • Structure with 4 cylindroconical tanks. 1 floor + basement. Total area: 414,89 m2.
  • Sorting and storage of beer. A building with an arch divides the complex into a front and a courtyard. Three floors of 899.73 m2. Total: 2 699,19 m2
  • Malthouse. 5 floors. Total area: 733,01 m2
  • Bottling building. . The bottling line is located on the 1st floor. Four floors with a total area of 2 391,54 m2
  • Laboratory and apartments. The oldest building of the object built in 1557-1558 Here was the residence of the widow Anna Of Rogerberg. Three floors of 343.33 m2 with a ceiling height of 4.84 m. Total area: 1 029,99 m2
  • Apartments and warehouse. Basement and two floors of 450.18 m2. Total area: 1 039,19 m2
  • Apartments and filling line. 3 floors. Total area: 514,95 m2
  • Boiler room – area 331,22 m2
  • Bottling of bottled beer – area 268,07 m2. Ceiling height – 7,00 m
  • Barrel warehouse: 263,30 m2
  • Restaurant. A detached building in the New Gothic style before entering the territory of the plant has a basement and 3 floors. In the building there is a restaurant for 180 seats, a beer bar for 70 seats, as well as a shop, utility rooms, a warehouse of ripening beer, etc. A comprehensive reconstruction of the building was carried out in 1992.Total area: 3 688,37 m2
  • Warehouse behind the restaurant: 147,98 m2
  • Summer wooden house for beer sale: 55,85 m2
  • Garage and warehouse: 179,40 m2
  • Separate garage, gas station, water pumping station, security post.

The gardens of the brewery are located on the banks of the Vltava River on a flat plot of land of 7100 m2.

Total land plot of the complex: 37 578 m2.

In 2002, there was a record "centennial flood", which brought significant losses to the plant. In the following years, the consequences of the flood were completely eliminated.

In 2005, the accredited expert appraiser Ing Michal Sirový conducted a material valuation of the entire real estate of the plant, which in the end amounted to 298,708,140,- CZK. The market price was not taken into account. This price did not include the cost of equipment and movable property of the enterprise.

Current condition of the brewery

After privatization in 1996, the Eggenberg plant became the property of one of the richest businessmen in the Czech Republic, who had a main business in the field of the chemical industry and real estate. Due to the fact that the brewery turned out to be a non-core, but also not unprofitable asset, the new owner paid only secondary attention to it. Over the past 15 years, the plant has been operating "on its own" under the guidance of hired management. Unlike competitors – Czech medium-sized breweries, Eggenberg did not pursue an aggressive market policy of entering foreign markets, did not support the sale of products by advertising companies and was distinguished primarily by market passivity. Deliveries of products to Russia were random sporadic in nature, counting on the initiative of the Russian buyer.

Due to the fact that the brewery made a moderate profit every year and was not unprofitable, the owner of the enterprise invested the main financial resources in his main core business, and investments in the Eggenberg brewery were only in the nature of forced small investments to maintain the production process. The passive marketing and investment policy of the owner and management of the plant had an impact on the gradual decline in output. If in 2001 the plant produced about 200,000 hectoliters of products, now it is about 50-60 thousand hectoliters per year. However, even in conditions of reduced productivity, the plant is not unprofitable, even taking into account the maintenance of a large complex of real estate that is not used in production.

Currently, after the death of the main owner in 2004, the plant has inherited the property of his son, who decided to sell the brewery.

Construction of a hotel and a beer spa resort on the basis of unused space

According to experts, the business idea of using the complex for the construction of a hotel and a beer spa resort has great prospects. Due to the compactness of the historical center and the annual growth of tourism in Český Krumlov, there is a problem of a shortage of hotels. Currently, only 20 hotels operate in the city. Among them are 1 hotel *****, 9 hotels ****, and 10 three-star hotels. In addition, there are 35 small pensions and apartments. Taking into account the annual tourist flow consistently exceeding more than 1,100,000 tourists per year, the deficit of hotel space is only increasing. In 2011, a record attendance of Český Krumlov was set – 1,300,000 tourists.

In recent years, beer spa resorts have become increasingly popular, offering therapeutic and rehabilitation beer procedures, bathing in beer pools and bathrooms. For example, in the Czech Republic, five years ago, the BEER WELNESS LAND beer house was created on the basis of the Chodovar brewery, and recently its owners built another department, because the procedures are very popular. Beer Spa is open in Karlovy Vary, Prague, Austria, Germany. To create such a beer spa resort on the basis of the Eggenberg complex and breweries seems the most promising.

The main tourist season in Český Krumlov: from April 1 to October 31, as well as Christmas weeks from December 22 to January 2.

Prices in hotels in Český Krumlev are comparable to prices in Prague:

Prices of hotel Ruže 5 *****

  • Single room 3700 CZK
  • Double room 4630 CZK
  • Double Deluxe 5270 CZK
  • Apartmá 6500 CZK
  • Apartmá Deluxe 7900 CZK

Prices in Hotel Dvořák 4 ****

  • Double room for 1 2420 CZK
  • Double room 3070 CZK
  • Extra Apartmá 3620 CZK
  • De Luxe Apartmá 4170 CZK
  • Apartment 5390 CZK

Subject to competent management at the brewery, the implementation of modern marketing policy, the creation of a system for marketing products to the CIS markets, the Eggenberg brewery can bring owners a much more solid profit than it is currently happening.
Modernization of production, construction of a hotel and a beer spa resort can increase the profit of the enterprise even more significantly.

Format of the transaction for the sale of the Eggenberg brewery and real estate

Sale of a complex of real estate, technological equipment, goods in stock, raw materials and other property under separate contracts of sale.

Price: 6 900 000 Euro