Sale of a joint-stock company that owns a construction site in Prague with an area of 32.000 m2

Operating enterpriseLand

Sale of 100% of shares.


Price: 1 800 000 €
Country: Czech republic

We offer for sale a company, a joint-stock company, with a large plot of land owned by it in a beautiful area of Prague. The land plot is adjacent to a unique nature reserve located on the outskirts of Prague. The access to the site is conveniently provided by the city asphalt highway, which runs along one of its borders. This plot has an area of 32.000 m2. The site is provided with all urban engineering networks, including water supply and sewerage. One part of the site is a flat surface and the other is a southwest-facing mountain slope.

On the site there are 3 buildings also owned by the Company. The largest of them is a 3-storey office building with an area of each floor of 269 m2. This object is saved. In addition, according to the general plan of Prague, part of the plot of 4,665 m2 (of which 2,880 m2 is directly a building spot) can be used for new non-residential construction. It can be not very noisy and not polluting production, service enterprises, trade and catering, medical, educational and scientific institutions, sports and entertainment facilities. As an additional functionality of restoration, you can build parking lots and parking lots, garages, small areas of water, bicycle paths, pedestrian paths, etc.

An unusual interest in this land, in addition to the beautiful surrounding nature, is the fact that at the foot of the mountain slope there are entrance portals (also property of the Company) to a system of stable underground tunnels, which are former quarries for limestone mining. These underground galleries were used as warehouses, but perhaps their more interesting use is from the cultivation of mushrooms or the production of wine to the organization of various objects of the entertainment industry. The total length of underground corridors is 1.5 km, the ceiling height is from 6 m and above.

The company has a developed and agreed preliminary project for future possible development, including a geo-substrate, drawings, etc. This project is also included in the purchase price.

Price – 1 800 000 Euro