For sale 3 storey shop House furniture on the busy highway Lovosice-Ústí nad Labem

Shopping malls, marketplacesSmall business (up to 1 million EUR)

Sale of a real estate complex or a 100% stake in an operating company..


Price: 295 000 €
Country: Czech republic

For sale is a real estate complex that is currently used as a furniture store.

In case of interest, both a separate sale of real estate and the sale of the company, including goods, contracts with suppliers, etc. The company was founded in 2003, has no debts, and the current owner is ready to cooperate with the new owner, if necessary, in the restructuring of the object or its management.

The facility is located on the very busy highway Lovosice-Ústí nad Labem, which is visited monthly by more than 400,000 cars traveling to Germany or Prague. In view of this, the most expedient may be the reconstruction of real estate for a motel with a restaurant or a shopping center of various profiles.

Technical information

The facility includes a three-storey building, including a raincoat for a parking lot and a platform for economic needs with a total area of 1630 sq.m., as well as a hangar.

The building is located in a very busy place, right on the road Lovosice – Ústí nad Labem, about 300 meters behind the village of Lovosice.

The building was built in 1977 and was previously used as an administrative building.

Due to the fact that this is a self-supporting structure of the building, it can be easily moved anywhere or demolished.

In 2007, the interior reconstruction of the interiors was completed, including the thermal insulation of the building. At the same time, the House of Furniture store was opened.

A year after that, a major overhaul of the roof was carried out. In 2008, a hangar was also built from an iron structure and sheets (length 18 m, width 6.5 m, height 3.4 m).

Parking is located in front of the object with a convenient exit from the highway and has an area of 300 m2. The building is located on a plot of 340 m2 and the plot behind the building is 990 m2².

The building is in good condition. Heating is carried out with the help of heat accumulators. Water from municipal wells, own sewage pit in view of this, payments for water and sewerage are not paid.

Video presentation of the object

Price 295 000 euro