Recreation center for sale in the natural pearl of North Moravia – in the Brundtal area

Mini hotel

Sale of immovable and movable property.


Price: 900 000 €
Pocheň Region:
Country: Czech republic

For sale is a recreation center – a guesthouse in the natural pearl of North Moravia – in the Bruntál district, on the very border of the Jesenice Mountains, 15 km from the highest peak – Praded (1492 m above sea level). The object is located near the Polish border, 20 km from the object is Karlova Studanka – a resort with the cleanest air in Central Europe, the reservoirs of Slezska Garta and Nowe Gerzhmanovy. There are also several protected areas with rare vegetation and animals – the valley of the Velký dolu near Praded, therapeutic mud in Reiwiz, karst caves in the Borders on the Pomezi, Reshovsky waterfalls and much more. The resort of Jeseník is also widely known, where the world-famous Pricinsovoy Resort is located. Skiing is possible in the surrounding areas in winter. Fishing enthusiasts can catch wild trout in the Opava River.

The property is located near the towns of Krnov, Bruntál, Vrbno Praded.

Excellent transport accessibility by bus and train. Ostrava Mosznov Airport is 80 km away.

History buffs will find at Krnov the ruins of Schellenburg Castle, the Castle Hill and Korbštejn Castle near Vrbna near Praded, the remains of the Swedish wall, the perfectly preserved castle of the Teutonic Order in Brundtal.

Nearby there are pilgrimage places – Tsvilin near Krnov and the Virgin Mary Pomocnoy at the Golden Mountains and Uglirski Vrh near Bruntalu.

Characteristics of the recreation center – pension

The object is a reconstructed complex of buildings of a textile factory of the 19th century. From 1996 to 2009, a major reconstruction was carried out, the exterior walls were insulated, the roofs were repaired, new window frames were installed, etc. The hotel, restaurant, bowling, billiards began to function. The facility is in good condition.

The object consists of 3 buildings:

  • 1 building – on the 1st floor there are 3 hotel rooms with all amenities, in the basement – garages for 3 cars. Boiler house on solid fuel and electricity.
  • 2 building – 3 hotel rooms for accommodation, office.

Sports hall (hall 20×7 m, height 10 meters), it is possible, if desired, to make several more hotel rooms above the gym.

This building is heated by an independent boiler house.

The 3rd building is divided into 3 parts:

  • in part "A" – on the ground floor there is a restaurant and toilets. On the 1st and 2nd floors there are halls (15 x 10 m) of multifunctional use.
  • in part "B" – bowling
  • in part "C" – a pool of Spanish production 10 x 6.3 m, depth 1.6 m, electric heating – heat pump, filters. There is also a sauna.

On the territory of the object there are 2 unique sources of the purest, drinking water. There is a certificate allowing to drink this water even for infants. There is a permit for the annual use of 2.5 million liters of water (can be used for commercial purposes).

On the territory of the facility there is its own biological wastewater treatment plant. Parking near the facility. The object is fenced. There is a children's playground with swings on site. You can additionally build volleyball and tennis courts.

Total area of the plot – 5 140 m2

The cost of the object – 900 000 euros

bargaining is appropriate.

Regarding the sale, please contact the owner directly: Antonin Boraku, email:, phone +420 604 416 040