For sale is a logistics company for road transport for Czech agricultural and agrarian enterprises

Small business (up to 1 million EUR)


Price: 100 €

The company was founded in 2020 in the Kralovohradec region.

The main activity is road transport logistics for Czech agricultural and agrarian enterprises.

The company provides efficient logistics for the delivery of goods from producers to agricultural enterprises throughout the Czech Republic. To achieve this goal, various methods and strategies are used, including the selection of vehicles with optimal load capacity and specificity, organisation of warehouses for cargo storage and management of transport flows.

Modern technologies allow efficient management of road transport logistics processes. Real-time cargo tracking, automated planning and monitoring systems, and demand forecasting make a significant contribution to improving the efficiency of road transport logistics and ensuring high quality of services.

The company has stable partnerships with key customers and transport companies.

Current economic situation

The company is currently operating, but is in a crisis economic situation caused by secondary insolvency. This means that the company in the current situation is unable to pay its financial obligations to creditors due to the fact that its debtors have not paid its receivables.

Total assets: more than CZK 4 million.
Liabilities: approximately CZK 3.9 million.
Total accounts payable: CZK 1.5 million.
Total receivables: more than CZK 2 million.

Despite the current economic situation, the company is not in pre-bankruptcy and has the potential to overcome the crisis in the near future. The current owner and director of the company, after the transaction, is ready to assist the new management during the period of its integration into the company’s business.

More detailed information about the economics of the company being sold, accounting statements, legal documents – on request of a potential buyer who is seriously interested in the transaction.

This company may be of interest to an investor who has experience of doing business in road transport logistics and who wants to acquire an operating company with regular customers, a well-established system of planning, organisation and control of transport operations.

Our services for overcoming the crisis, recovery or restructuring of Czech companies.

Revital Business s.r.o. has 20 years of experience in carrying out specialised recovery and restructuring of Czech companies that are in a state of emerging or already developed financial and economic crisis of various complexity.

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We offer a full range of specialised services to purchasers of Czech companies in which recovery, restructuring or rehabilitation measures are required to help stabilise the economic situation of the company and eliminate or mitigate crisis phenomena.

After stabilisation of the acute crisis, we implement the plan of gradual recovery of the company and its withdrawal to the mode of stable profit making and further strengthening of positions in the market at the second stage.

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Price of services of Revital Business s.r.o.: as agreed by the parties.

Transaction format and company’s activity after the change of ownership

The subject of the sale is 100% of shares in a limited liability company (s.r.o.).

The owner is a natural person – Czech citizen.

Price: CZK 2,500.

For this price the company will be sold only to a serious buyer, who will buy the company in order to overcome the crisis and subsequently repay the debts of the company in the process of recovery, revitalisation, restructuring or at the expense of its own funds.

The purity of the transaction, absence of hidden financial and legal obligations is guaranteed by the personal liability of the owners, legal mechanisms and regulations provided for in the Czech Republic.